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Dancin' With Krono

Exclusive Interview with Krono 

Hello Mickael and David and welcome to Think in Electronic, thank you for taking time out to do this interview with us.

How are you guys doing and who do you think is going to win the worldcup?(Bear in mind this interview was done during the WC time :))

Micka and David : Fine thank you ! We have seen all the game, and we think France should win the FIFA world cup ! But Netherlands team are very good too !            

We are from South Africa and this is a standard question what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa?

Micka : Nelson Mandela and the Invictus Movie !

Before we start can you tell us a little more about each of yourself, on a non-musical front.

Yes of course, so, we are two brothers, im 27 years old ( Mickael ) and my brother 25 years old. We are Pro musician since 5 years, and make electronic music just after seeing Alive 2007 by Daft Punk ! We live in Paris.

Krono is currently one of France’s finest duos. You guys decided to start making music after seeing Daft Punk live, what about their performance made you say I want to do that?

M&D : After the amazing show Alive 2007, and after we seeing how this incredible duo goes to mix each sounds with other, we felt like a magician show you know. Alive 1997 is also a incredible show and for us the best live ever with cross by Justice. So just after that it was  evident for us to try to catch the same emotion in our music, and try to follow the same road.

When did Krono get its big break and how did you decide on the name Krono? 

M&D : Initially, we liked drawn, we are fans of manga and Japanese culture. But we were not good enough to make our own manga, even after trying for months and months. So after having written the whole story of this manga, we remembered the name of Heros KRONO that has to do with time
Then we Experienced a lot, a lot of music style, more underground in fact, then in 2012, after a remix of Sebastien Tellier and buzz daft punk with Emphazed we create Dancin 'and the press as well as fans have loved and directly share our work!

 You guys are brothers and we are sisters, we fight all the time especially when it comes to work. How is it like working with your brother? Do you guys fight? 

Haha no no! We are very close and very patient towards each other. What has been difficult is to be honest from an artistic point of view, because the music is a very personal and subjective thing, so we had to be very honest and say things. When we were little boys we often fought, but now not any more!

We are in love with your guys Dancin’ remix when making the remix did you think the track would bring you so much success? Almost 3 million listens on SC that’s huge!

Yes, it is a great success! You know, we never thought that remix will give us glory or something! You never know what people will like, it is a question of timing, talent and work on success. We make music with our heart, because we love the music has always been we do not do it for anything else. This is why we do not follow any fashion, no style. We think of  the fans first and try to vary the taste for them!

Do you remember the first time you sat behind a computer to produce a track what was the experience like and how did the track turn out?  

It was an incredible experience, we immediately liked the experince and the first song is a very beautiful piece of house, one day we will release the first ep!  As we worked hard, we never really felt the difficulty of the computer or music programs, the passion was bigger!

Do any of you have any musical training?

We do classical piano (Chopin only).  Our training comes from classical music, because we Listen to it 80 percent of the time.

To be honest we actually love everything you guys make. What inspires you guys and what is your current studio set up? 

Thank you very much for that ! We try to give our best on each track ! Our set up is Ableton live, Cubase, a laptop ( Asus ) a piano, and a synth. Not really expansive ! Everything inspires us, travel, love, life, Deadmau5 tracks, everything!

Which musicians / DJs / Producers do you look up to also where do you draw your inspiration from when producing?

Daft Punk, Massive Attack, Justice, Deadmau5.

Recently you signed to Armada, a huge achievement, how does it make you guys feel and what’s next for Krono?

It was a dream forever. There are those who are successful as we start to sign some singles, but our history with Armada is more beautiful because we are fortunate to be part of the family now!  We can not say more, but nice things to prepare, and Armada is the best thing that ever happened to us in our careers. In addition they are amazing people, who really love the artists, who work hard and all the time!

How would you describe your sound in 3 words? And how long did it take to find your signature sound

We do not have a signature sound, I think. Our music in three words is melodic, timeless, and emotional.  To achieve this result we spent our time working the melodies, which may be our key.

In todays time we are blessed with an abundance of EDM festivals Cream fields, Ultra Music festival, Global Gathering, Tomorrowland and South West four to name a few. What would be your boys dream festival to play at or to headline and why?

Sonar, because we like all the things in this Festival ! 

They say a person’s music library is the window to their soul so what genres and gems make up David and Michael’?
We listen all genres but my favourite song ( Micka ) is Paradis Circus from Massive Attack. For David its silent spring or very disco from Daft punk. But in Album we love Kyo ( French band ) with their first album, just wonderful ! 

Rapid fire Questions you need to answer it without thinking bout the answers..

If Krono were given the opportunity to collaborate with anyone who would it be and why? 
Massive attack and Daft Punk, because they are the best musician ever for us
Favorite Phone Application : 
Shazam !

Favorite way to pass time : 
Play Chess, and also Hearsthone !

Favorite application? 

Any Last Messages fro your fans? 
We love you !


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