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10 Things You Should Not Tweet A DJ

Top 10 Tuesday - Always Think Before You Tweet Your Favorite DJ

armin van buuren- tiesto

Just a random scroll through twitter and you will come across the most hilarious things especially when it involves a DJ. Sometimes we sure do feel the DJ's pain while reading all the replies they get. So we decided to make a list of the top 10 things you should NOT tweet a DJ. To be honest we are guilty of a few and after much thinking about it have realized what fools we were.

10.  When are you coming to my city. 
Probably one of the most popular things to tweet your favorite DJ. Yes we get you want to see this DJ play in your city but bombarding them with tweets isn't going to help. Why you might ask, simply because at the end of the day the DJ doesn't decide where they play its up to local promoters to book them. So instead of tweeting them, tag your local promoters in your tweet to the DJ stating why they need to bring them down. In other words SPAM YOUR LOCAL PROMOTERS.

9.  Please come to LA(Your City)!/ When are you releasing a new album.
Tweeting this 2 weeks after a DJ has played in your city or a few months after they released an album is just not on. Uhmm if you keep up to date with your favorite DJ's you would know where they playing and when they've released an album especially if you a twitter addict.

8. Bring back old TIESTO!
Please stop tweeting Tiesto this. Old Tiesto is dead, new Tiesto is here to stay and no amount of tweeting Tiesto about how much you miss old Tiesto is going to bring back that Tiesto. And to be honest do you really thing Tiesto is going to take your tweet seriously. Uhmm noo. 

7.  Hey nice track. I'm a 13 year old producer/DJ here's my track please play it, support it PLZ RT!
Have you heard of a thing called a demo email address. If you want to get noticed your best option is to send your track  to the DJs demo address. Spamming them with a link to your track is just going to annoy them.

6. Hey I sent you an email (about an hour ago just checking to see if you got it).
We live in the age of technology. They will reply yo your email when they receive it. No need to tell them you sent them an email. Patience is all you need to have.

5. I want to have your babies.
Ladies please keep it classy. That's all we have to say. 

4. Please can i get guestlist for your show. 
Why don't you just buy tickets?

3.  It's my birthday please wish me or RT you my favorite DJ. (Sends same tweet to 30 DJs)
You only making a fool of yourself if you tweet this. Getting a birthday shout-out from a DJ when you asked for it doesn't make you special.

2. Your track is shit. 
You a sellout. Please die.
This new style is not you why

Now now there is no need for such harsh words. It's really simple if you don't like it don't listen. No one really cares if you don't like it or not.

1. This has to be our favorite.
PLEASE FOLLOW ME.  Please RT . Please Reply

What makes you so special from the 1000's of fans to deserve a follow .  if you want a reply tweet something worthwhile same goes with RT's 
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