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Sasha - Xpander (Paul Thomas & Kash Trivedi bootleg)

Everyones knows we not fans of  remixing/reworking classics but when someone does and it is done right we all for it. Paul Thomas has teamed up with Kash Trivedi to give Sasha's Xpander a 2014 facelift and the end result has us smiling from ear to ear. Why, you might ask. Well, we love how Paul and Kash have kept bits of the original and made subtle changes here and there. The track is now a little more progressive  and has a little more bang. Paul and Kash have managed to keep the beauty and appeal of the original track while giving it a fresh face. Now we sit back and pray for a release.

Here's a  "clip" of the he Paul Thomas & Kash Trivedi bootleg of Sasha's classic 'Xpander', as played on Above & Beyond's Group Therapy radio show 066 on 14th February.
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