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Dj Clock feat Beatenberg - Pluto (remember you)

Hot off the heels of their debut single that got everyone asking, “Who is Chelsea Blakemore?” Beatenberg are back with a stellar collaboration with Gold Selling DJ/Producer “DJ Clock” on the track “Pluto (Remember You)”. Fusing Beatenberg’s unique local-inspired sound and their singer Matthew’s talent for writing addictive hooks, along with DJ Clock’s floor filling beats, the collaboration has created an ethereally powerful house banger that plays to both artists’ creative strengths.

Big fans of DJ Clock’s work, Beatenberg got the opportunity to work with him on the song at the end of 2012. Spending some time in studio with Clock, Pluto was written from start to finish in one day before the band had to shoot off to the airport to fly back home. Pluto is the 2nd single off DJ Clock’s 4th album “The 4th Tick”. Beatenberg are currently in studio recording their debut full length album, The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg,set for release in early 2014.

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