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The Chainsmokers Own The Night



Hello Alex and Drew, Thank you so much for taking time out to do this interview with us we are so excited!

the chainsmokers

1.     We are here to grant you 3 wishes what do you wish for? Hehe How and you guys doing?

Wish 1: Mainstage Coachella, Wish 2: More Wishes, Wish 3: Olivia Wilde
We are doing great! Very happy to be taking part in this interview with you both.

2.     This is a staple TIE question what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa?

Great White Sharks for Alex and for Drew Batman’s butler, not sure why…

3.     Before we start can you tell us a little more about Alex and Drew on a non-musical front?

Sure well Drew is from Maine, so it was this, or become a Lobsterman, actually its why Lobsters play such a central theme in all our shows and visuals… Alex is from NYC he had more options than such so he thought studying Art History and Business would be cool, it was, but not so relevant in todays rat race. We both have younger sisters, Drew used to be addicted to Mountain Dew and Alex wears glasses.

4.     Chain Smokers according to the urban dictionary means one who smokes multiple ciggs in a single sitting or the act of smoking more than one cigarette. We know we promised not to ask this but The Chainsmokers? What’s the story behind the name?

Its cool we refer you to this interviews first question ;) 

5.     The Chainsmokers have done remixes for some of the big names in the EDM industry. Icona Pop,The Wanted, Cash Cash, and more how does this make you feel and do you think its helped you gain a bigger followership (fan base)?

Hmmm how does it make us feel. Well it makes us feel pretty good… we love working with/for talented artists and giving their songs our spin. Doing remixes is a very interesting aspect of producing, and a fun one at that. Its much different than working on originals, it gives you an entirely different starting point and on top of it exposure as you asked. Our remixes have 100% played the biggest role in expanding our notoriety, but its not just about doing them they have to be interesting and well received. We are very fortunate to have made music that ppl think is such, some more so than others but its great one day we are appealing to phoenix fans, the next icona pop, then The Wanted…

6.     What makes The Chainsmokers signature sound unique from the rest out there? 

That it’s ours… Its not something physical you can put your finger on. The creative process is abstract. We don’t have one secret set of sounds, everyone more or less is pulling from the same box of music, however its how you apply it, what catches your ear, the melodies and what you prioritize in your music.

7.     You guys released a track with Priyanka Chopra titled Erase, we know her as one of the finest Bollywood actresses, how was it working with a Bollywood legend?

Well we never actually got to meet her, or speak to her for that matter, but we hear she is really great. But from a work standpoint it was awesome, the exposure we got from working with an artist like her was invaluable.

8.     Which musicians / DJs / Producers do you look up to also where do you draw your inspiration from when producing?

This changes on a daily basis. To name a few, 40, Drake, Mat Zo, Chvrches, Nicky Romero, Adrian Lux, Calvin Harris, Max Martin etc etc…

9.     In todays time we are blessed with an abundance of EDM festivals Cream Fields, Ultra Music festival, Global Gathering, Tomorrowland and South West four to name a few. What would be your boys dream festival to play at or to headline and why?

Its cliché, but it’s the honest truth, any of these festivals are a dream come true for an artist, playing TomorrowWorld was an experience we will hold close for the remainder of our short expected lives. That being said, because our music riffs off the indie vibes with the progressive house, playing a show like Coachella which really embodies both those music cultures would probably be our ultimate goal in the future.

10.  You guys have heard about the Mars One Project to set up the first human settlement on Mars. Would you consider going on the one-way trip to live on Mars?

Are there going to be hot chicks on mars? Women should know there are VERY few decisions that influence men that aren’t solely based on the fast of whether there will be hot girls present.

11.  They say a person’s music library is the window to their soul so what genres and gems make up The Chainsmokers music library?

Our shared Library currently has 109 days of music or 30,000 songs. Its prlly 35% house, 20% hip hop, 35% Indie, 10% Oldies… this is totally a guess. You know we couldn’t sit here and rattle off crazy facts about bands or music history, but we do pride ourselves on being eclectic. Music is made to suit various moods and we are moody ppl… Its important to gorge on as much music as possible we feel, certainly nothing bad will come of it, but being well rounded helps a lot when we decided what we want to accomplish musically.

12.   Who’s the brains and who’s the beauty in The Chainsmokers?

We both have our good and bad days…

13.   If you could represent the Chainsmokers with an animal what animal would the Chainsmoker be and why?

A brown bear, cause they are cute as fuck but also badass…. That or Golden Retrievers, cause when have you ever seen a bad looking Golden in a shitty situation.

Rapid Fire
1.     Drink of choice is…. Alex- Whiskey/Coke Drew- Vodka/Soda
2.     One word you could add to the dictionary… Pickle – used to describe loser dudes
3.     Favorite application? Instagram
4.     Cars or girls – girls
5.     Boxer or briefs :P – boxer briefs

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