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Pure Trance with Solarstone


Talking Pure Trance With Solarstone

Hello Richard and welcome to Think in Electronic. It’s a huge honor to be interviewing you Thank you for taking time out to do this interview with us.

solarstone interview 2015

How are you doing? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa?


1.     Solarstone is a pioneer in the trance scene, yet so much has changed from the days you started out in till today, what is about the scene that you still love?

The scene is always evolving, mutating, which is one of the brilliant things about it. It never gets stale or boring, the producers and fans are so passionate about this music that it is always interesting. It has certainly changed since I released my first trance record in 1995 (which was Space Kittens ‘Dolphin’), there have been many ups and downs – I as Solarstone have been up and down 4 times – currently I am ‘up’ so I’m making the most of it! You have to keep a sense of perspective about these things otherwise you’d go mad.

2.     You just released the 2nd volume of Pure Trance. You and Giuseppe Ottaviani mixed it how did you decide on Giuseppe?

Giuseppe was the natural choice following on from Orkidea, as they both work closely with me at our Pure Trance events. Giuseppe’s take on the sound is very different to Tapio’s – it is a more stripped down and edgy, but we share the same love of the music and he brings an interesting flavor to the concept.

3.     2 years ago we actually seen both you and Giuseppe in South Africa, how was it working with Giuseppe?

We had a great time! Giuseppe is good to travel with, although we did have some problems at the event, I don’t remember exactly what happened but I think Giuseppe only played for 30 minutes or something like that. The people were lovely and we were very well looked after. I went to a nice restaurant with the guys from Dirty Herz and was amused by the way the waiter asked us what ‘starch’ we wanted – I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.
4.     The tracklist to Pure Trance volume 2 takes a listener on a trance journey, and tell as story, what was the selection process for the tracks that made it on to the album?

It begins by sending a call out to producers who I know and trust for new and exclusive material. I’m always receiving demos so I will sign tracks over the preceding 6 months, which I think may fit the concept. There are some which sound great, and there are others which have good ideas but where the production can be improved. So I make a mental note of that. Once it gets to the mixing stage I will request the stems of every track from the artists. Once I have them I’ll start creating a rough running order that works as a musical journey, that’s the point at which I ditch tracks that don’t fit. It doesn’t mean the tracks aren’t good, it just means they don’t work with all the other tracks musically, or fit the ‘story’. Then I begin deconstructing the tracks and deciding which elements to isolate… then it gets complicated. It’s kind of like assembling a tapestry, I change arrangements of tracks to make the blending precise, and I work on the production to make them as pristine as possible. It takes a long time when I mix an album – several months.

5.     Which track of the album will you be listening to 20 years from now and which track has an intense meaning for you?

You’d be better off asking me that question in 20 years time! All of the tracks mean something different to me, but ‘Lovers’ is the most important track to me personally.

6.     Trance has diversified so much, in your opinion what makes a real, pure trance track. And what track defines trance for you?
Two questions which can’t really be answered by words. For the first part I would simply say listen to my disc of Pure Trance 2 and there’s your answer. I won’t even try to answer the second part; I don’t think it’s possible to narrow it down to one track.

7.     In edition to the release you have taken the Pure Trance message global with a host of Pure Trance Events how do you pick the locations for these events and which DJs to have play at the events?

That’s pretty simple to answer – the locations are the result of requests from local promoters and us making a decision on whether that club / event is right for the brand. On a technical level at
Pure Trance events we insist on only as handful of key things. A brilliant sound system, Visuals, Lazers, Smoke & Strobes. Regarding the Djs, that is pretty straight forward – all the Djs we work with are on the Pure Trance website Artist page.

8.     Out of all the Pure Trance so far which one has been the stand out one and which event had the purest trance fans?

Some of these questions seem to be preoccupied with what is best, where is best, who is best… I don’t think things are quite that black & white. All of our events have been great, and I’m thankful to every person who spends their hard-earned cash coming to them. They all have different qualities to them – some have crazy fans, some have an amazing sound system, but they all have one thing in common – amazing music!

9.     Will you ever stop making trance music?

One day I’ll stop doing absolutely everything.

10.   What does pure trance mean for Solarstone?

It’s where my passion lays, the reason I write, and produce and Dj. It’s what I spend my days thinking about and what wakes me up sometimes in the middle of the night in a burst of inspiration! It’s been my renaissance.

Thank you for doing this interview with us we hope to see you back in SA soon..

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