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Spotlight Interview With Dean Fuel



Hi Dean Fuel thank you so much for chatting with us.. Lets get into this interview 

Interview With Dean Fuel

1. Can you take us through your musical journey?  How did you fall into EDM and how has this journey been so far? 

I didn’t fall into EDM – I was BORN into it!

Music has been in my blood from the beginning, having being born into a musical family. I have learned to play instruments such as the piano and guitar, and then got into electronic music as a teenager. Attending the early underground raves in the 90’s was what really turned me onto dance music, and seeing greats such as Carl Cox, Sasha & Digweed, etc. was when I knew I wanted to be a DJ!

From there, it has been as case of nurturing my vinyl addiction, practicing on turntables, learning mixers & effects units, and working my ass off to break into the scene. From as early as my first sets, I found I had an ability to connect with the dancefloor, and that gift has seen me play at just about every club in Cape Town, tour around South Africa and Africa, and play alongside the worlds best DJ’s and artists at some of the biggest and most extravagant events and festivals! I am living the dream!

2. Describe your sound in 5 words. 
Energy / Emotion / Attitude / Connection / Versatility 

3. We all know that with DJing comes tons of travelling (DJs do live the life hey) what has been the craziest gig you have ever played and why? What has been the best gig you have ever played and why?

Travelling is not as glamorous as one might think! But it does get you to see the world, meet incredible (and sometimes crazy people), and experience new things…

The “craziest” gig I would have to say would be at an outdoor festival in Zimbabwe in 2010 – my flights to Zim were delayed, so I landed only an hour before the set, my luggage went missing, and I had no way of contacting anyone! I made the set, and then proceeded to party through the night, heading straight back to the airport where I had to catch 2 connecting flights through SA to then get to Durban for a 3 day boat cruise party – it was an insane time! 

The “best” gig would have to be, well, there are so many “best gig” experiences – in fact too many to mention! But opening for Jamiroquai was legendary! Nearly 15000 people all grooving to slow sexy beats was amazing! I guess just having had the opportunity to tour with many of my hero’s such as Sasha & John Digweed, and to play alongside the biggest names in the world such as Armin Van Buuren in the Boombox, have all been a highlights of my career! I feel truly blessed!

4. In your opinion how has the EDM scene in South Africa changed from when you started out compared to today?

To be honest, this question deserves a thesis! But I think one of the main changes has been the effect that technology has had on the scene! When I started out it was all about turntables and vinyl. Now thanks to technology, anyone (and it seems everyone) can be (or is) a DJ – all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection! Music is freely available, and certain skills required can now be activated at the touch of a button. All that this means is that to be a truly great DJ and to stand out, you have to focus on the less tangible aspects of DJing – track selection, stage presence, and dancefloor connection. Technology has also given us facebook, twitter, etc., which means that it is much easier to promote yourself as a DJ. This is a good thing, so long as it is not abused (some DJ’s will buy ‘likes’ or fans). Technology certainly has given rise to a massive new generation of DJ’s and producers out there – my only advice to them is to make sure they are in it for the love and passion of the music – not the fame and glory! The scene is so close to my heart, I want only the best for it!

5. There are a lot of musical changes happening at the moment and many DJs are changing their styles. Do you see your style changing in the future? If so what are you inclined to move towards?

My style has always constantly evolved and been versatile, based on the music being created. It really comes down to the producers and artists that are out there doing their thing, therefore who can say where the music will go!

I always try keep my sound current, regardless of what genre I will be playing, but having said that, I do feel its crucial to keep the past in mind, and to know and understand how the music has evolved. That understanding helps for a better appreciation of the music, and can give clues as to where it’s going to go next!

The real defining factor of my sound is my versatility - I'm never bound by one genre - that's FAR too limiting! In the end I love all music, and being a DJ to me means getting to pick and choose pretty much ANY piece of music or sound to play to a dancefloor - the trick is to do it in the most interesting and entertaining way possible, to read the crowd, and connect with them - that's when the magic happens!

I will always make sure that I play music that I love, and that I feel will move people. Music that connects with the dancefloor, that’s what I’m about!

6. The Godskitchen Fusion concept is awesome. We were lucky enough to experience it last year at H2O in South Africa. Coupled with this what can we expect from your set at the Godskitchen Fusion event in South Africa?

I am playing the opening set for the event, which is one of the most important sets of the night! It sets the tone and energy for the other DJ’s to follow on, and creates the mood for the crowd. I will make sure to ease things in, building in intensity, so that when the touring internationals take to the decks, the energy is perfectly set for them to really shine. I have so much incredible music at the moment, and I can’t wait to play it for you all!

7. It is no secret that the 26 and 27 of October (event dates) is Halloween weekend, soooo are we going to see some crazy outfits behind the decks ☺?

Haha – who knows? I’m not scared to get into the theme and fun of an event, and I have played in full costume at other events (Halloween, MCQP, etc.), so it’s nothing new to me… Let’s see ;)

8. South Africa is your home, what is your favorite place to visit in South Africa and which places would you recommend as must see sights when in South Africa?

My home city – Cape Town – is my favorite city in the world! No visit to SA is complete without seeing it! Sadly there is TOO much to do in any one trip, which is why living here is the best! Highlights include: Table Mountain, Camps Bay and Clifton beaches, as well as Boulders Beach (to see the penguins)!  Other than that, game farms are great places to see wildlife unique to our beautiful country!

9. What are working on at the moment any new tracks?

Absolutely – a few of my own productions, as well as collaborations with other fantastic local producers based here in Cape Town. One of my latest singles has been playlisted on national radio, and another is becoming an underground favorite in the psy scene of Cape Town. Lots on the go, it’s a very exciting time! 

10. With the year drawing to a close what has been your track/tracks of 2012 thus far?

Wow –almost impossible question to answer – I will randomly list a few here though that have really stood out for me:
Flutes (Sasha Remix) - Hot Chip
Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix) – M83

Rocker Monster – Heatbeat
Flying Blind – Cosmic Gate, JES
Flashback (Astrix Remix) - Easy Rider, Symbolic

Thank you for taking time out to answer our questions and we are definitely looking forward to partying up with you ☺

See ya’ on the dancefloor!

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