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One On One With Simon Patterson



"Simon Patterson the name is recognized with banging 140BPM trance, and ..... is one of the hottest properties in dance music right now. His creative offerings as a producer have captured audiences, bringing them willing with him along his musical adventure. From techy moods to edgy riffs, spine-tingling melodies to driving basslines, Simon’s studio offspring’s of the past 12 months have raised his profile to see him become a much-in-demand DJ, producer and remixer." 

Hi Simon and thank you for giving us the chance to catch up with you J

simon patterson interview

1. Can you take us through the story of how it all started for you, what precisely pulled you into the EDM scene and at which point in your life did it all become real?

Well, I worked in the music industry first for Universal & Ministry of Sound. Then I got jobs A&Ring for Judge Jules & Seb Fontaine on their radio 1 shows. After that, I started working with the Dogzilla project and it went from there.

2. Your track ‘Within’ has given most trance fans hope that trance isn’t dead. It’s been named by many as their summer track of 2012 what inspired this track?

This was done 4 years ago. It was sitting on my hard drive for years and never finished. I def think trance has moved on from this sound. I love trance but I think it’s all a little samey with the faster stuff. Needs a fresh injection. New ideas.

3. Following on from the previous question what is your view on the whole debate that trance is dying out and becoming more mainstream?

I think it’s become mainstream. But I mean all the house stuff is trance. It's all riffs. The mainstream won't last forever. It will go back underground and that's a good thing.

4. Here and Now featuring the heavenly vocals of Sarah Howells( you guys can catch her live in South Africa in December) is such a catchy track hearing it once is not enough. How was it working with Sarah and is there a meaning behind the track?

She's a legend. It took ages with that track. Sent backing tracks back and forward. She sent vocals back and forward then came to my house to record it. Worked out well and would love to work with her again. She's amazing.

You recently had a tour of our lovely country South Africa so this interview wouldn’t be complete without asking you a few questions about your SA tour. ; )

5. We have to ask this one what were your perceptions of South Africa before you came and how did they change when you arrived.

I heard loads about it. I loved it. Was a great place it was just a shame I was there for a short period of time. Would love to come back longer and in summer.

6. What was a standout moment of your tour to SA?

I loved Cape Town. The crowd were so up for it.

7. Highlights and lowlights of your trip (not gig wise)?

Everything about it. I loved. Low point was not staying longer and playing more cities.

8. If you were to sell South Africa as a top “DJing destination” to your DJ mates how would you sell it in 4 words?

Energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and happy

9. I’m sure you’ve had many weird travelling experiences please can you share the weirdest one with us and don’t leave out any details.

I always get this question but to be honest not many stories. I & Tyas ordered breakfasts to a certain DJs room every day on tour once. That was funny!

10. The music industry is a tough one to keep up with since we are constantly bombarded with new tracks.  What have you been listening to lately besides promos? 

I listen to everything for inspiration. I love Sigur Ros

11. What sound or noise do you love and why? What sound or noise do you hate and why?

Psy trance and I don't hate anything. I listen to most things subjectively

12. It's not a secret, you are a huge football fan and if we not mistaken a Tottenham Hot Spurs fan if you could exchange lives with any Spurs footballer for the day who would it be and why? 

Oh that’s tough. Id says I'd love to be Jermain Defoe. He's always out on the town and getting up to mischief. Id love to see what goes on in his life.

13. What can Fans look forward to in terms of all things Simon Patterson for the upcoming year: Give us the low down on upcoming gigs, tours and productions as well as NYE plans? 

About to embark on changing everything up. Re-brand, new vibe. Want to freshen things up massively!

13. Last question which we have to ask will we ever see the return of Dogzilla?

Absolutely no way!!

Thank you for your time we hope to see you down in SA soon or maybe well catch you around the globe somewhere :)

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